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Just like picking plants and trees for your yard, picking a mulch really comes down to what you like, a personal preference. No matter which style you like best Gold Hill Landscaping has the mulch for you. We offer four sizes of Pine bark, two Hardwood mulches, a Brush mulch, a Colored Decorative mulch, a Cedar mulch, and Cypress nuggets.


The pine mulches are great for Azaleas, Rhododendrons, all types of trees and general shrub beds. They come in Large Nugget, Mini Nugget, a Mix, and a Shredded version. All of these mulches will break down over time and add valuable nutrients to your soil. The shredded version will benefit your soil more quickly because it has already been broken down.


The hardwood mulches are also great for general shrub beds and trees, but also help keep bulb beds warmer in winter, while keeping them cooler and more moist in the summer months. These mulches will also break down over time and will improve the quality of your soil.


Both our Pine and Hardwood mulches are of the highest quality. They are made up of 90 % bark and 10% wood, unlike some other mulches that are 50 % bark and 50% wood. This important because the bark is what breaks down quickly and improves your soil, while wood takes years to decompose.


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