Why Mulch?


Here are just a few of the reasons we feel that mulching is important and beneficial.


Increases moisture retention


A proper layer of mulch will help your plant retain water and keep them drying out as quickly.  This can decrease watering amounts.


Decreases weed propagation.


Weeds are not only unattractive, they are harmful to plants.  Mulch helps control the growth and spread of unsightly weeds.


Helps insulate plants, trees and shrubs from temperature changes.


The weather can change rapidly in North Carolina, especially during season changes.  Mulch helps regulate soil temperatures, especially during periods of rapid change.  This is most beneficial during spring because it helps reduce stress on tender plants.  It helps to keep plant roots cool in hot temperatures and helps to warm them in colder weather. 


Reduces erosion.


Mulch will help keep your nutrient rich soils in place.


Makes your property more attractive.

A ring of mulch around your trees and shrubs makes mowing a lot easier. This allows you to mow right up to the edge of the mulch and eliminate weed eating, also at the same timw you are protecting surface roots from damage by mowing equipment.


Long term benefits.

Over a period of time it will break down into a dark, rich looking soil, which will enrich your existing soil and add organics back into the soil. This will provide a much healthier environment for your plants. You will need to replenish, not replace, any mulch over a period of time, and this is based on your personal preference depending on the appearance you want in your beds. Once you have a 2 to 3-inch base of mulch, you would then only need to add a thin layer on each future installation


Will not attract termites.

Bark mulches are not an attractive food source for termites. Termites prefer large pieces of wood typically 6-inches or larger. Termites can only live in wet areas. The best preventative steps to protect your home from termites is make sure water properly drains away form the foundation and have your home treated annually by a licensed exterminator.

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